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Are you looking for quality LG Batteries and Battery covers?  With the full line of original and name brand aftermarket products find battery solutions for almost any situation. DiscountCell is the perfect place to buy batteries and battery covers you need for those times when you need power but do not have access to a charging source. With standard and extended batteries, Discountcell has the solution for every LG phone user.

Discountcell - Batteries and Battery Covers for the latest LG cell phones. LG phones are feature packed with the latest technology and data options. Find LG Batteries and LG Battery covers for the newest LG phones on the market. High quality LG batteries and LG battery covers will keep your LG phone ready to go when you need it. Supplying only batteries that meet or exceed all OEM specs, Discountcell is the source for a replacment LG battery or LG battery cover.
We offer: Discounted LG batteries and LG battery covers with 24 hour secure online Ordering + 30 day money back guarantee!

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Big discounts and in stock availability of cell phone LG batteries and lg battery covers for all major brands makes us the trusted destination for customers nationwide. As well offering a great range of power items, we also offer a 100% Quality Assurance Guarantee on all products.


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Orders have been filled immediately and mailed out. Very good service.
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As always, superb service and on-time delivery. I have been a customer for over eight years and have never been disappointed. Great e-tailer.
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They delivered in a timely fashion and met my expectations.
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