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Cell Phone Signal Boosters and Antennas - Need to improve your cell phones reception?  Choose from our broad selection of cell phone signal boosters and antennas.
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How do Cell Phone Signal Boosters work and what are the benefits?

  • Cell phone signal boosters provide up to a 3 watt signal boost.  Dual Band Signal Boosters only recently became available when the technology made it possible for the signal to dynamically boost.  Without the proper technology, the booster will overpower the signal coming from the tower resulting in either a poor quality signal or damage to the phone and tower.  As a result, we only recommend dual band signal boosters from companies working with the service providers to produce boosters that will not over amplify the signal.  All signal boosters we carry have been thoroughly tested with the service providers to ensure they will provide the maximum boost possible without causing damage.

    Signal boosters can either be wired or unwired.  Wired cell phone boosters require a phone with an external antenna port and external antenna cable or car kit.  This type of booster connection provides the best signal performance gain available when used with the correct antenna.

    Unwired Signal Boosters are an active repeater system.  One antennas is placed in the car/office/home/ or boat, usually as close to the cell phone handset as possible, with the external antenna placed outside of the vehicle/home/office/ or boat.  Generally the greater distance between the two antennas the better performance gain is achieved.


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Choosing the right cell phone antenna and/or cell phone signal booster can make a substantial difference in your cell phones signal strength.  So what should you consider when purchasing a cell phone antenna or signal booster?

If replacing the antenna on the phone itself, be sure the new antenna is compatible with the phone frequency.  For instance, while the same model of  phone may be offered by Verizon and AT&T, the antenna on the phone is tuned for different frequencies.  Even though the Verizon one may fit in the AT&T phone (and vice versa), it will not provide any signal due to its tuning to a different set of frequencies.

External Cell Phone Antennas and Signal Boosters require a number of considerations when buying.

How will the external cell phone antenna connect to my phone?

  • Many phones have an external antenna port on the back that plugs into either a car kit with an external antenna connection or can be used with an external antenna adapter.  When these options are available, any external antenna tuned to the frequencies the phone uses are an option (limited only by where the antenna will be used as discussed below).

    When the phone does not have an external antenna port, the only option that really works is a wireless amplified repeater kit.  Over the past few years there have been a number of products advertised as working on phones without an external antenna port.  Regrettably, none of these products have proven to actually work.  One of the most recent examples was a signal boosting sticker you attach to the back of the phone.  There is no third party verification this item actually provides any signal benefit at all and we never experienced a benefit from the product on any phone we attached one to.

    The current trend with cell phone manufacturers is to not add the external antenna port as they are moving away from car kits due to Bluetooth technology.  As a result, there is not an inexpensive way on the market at the moment to increase signal strength in these cell phones.

What service provider will the cell phone antenna or cell phone signal booster be used with?

  • Most service providers use frequencies compatible with Dual Band/Tri-Mode antennas.  The exception is Nextel which, while compatible with Dual Band/Tri-Mode antennas, is only using the analog frequency.  As a result, analog only antennas will work with Nextel units.  If Nextel upgrades their system in the future this may not be the case though.

    For the same reasons listed above, a good quality cell phone dual band signal booster is the best choice in all cases but Nextel.  A signal booster designed specifically for the Nextel system is the best option when the booster will be used with a Nextel phone.  Signal boosters for dual band networks have only recently been introduced into the market.  These new boosters amplify the signal only when necessary up to a maximum of 3 watts.  By dynamically amplifying the signal, the service providers antennas are protected from signal overload as is the phone.  As a result, we only carry cell phone signal boosters from companies with a proven track record of providing units approved by the service providers themselves.

Where will the cell phone antenna or signal booster be used?

  • Some cell phone antennas can be used in almost any application.  Antennas such as the Arc Wireless Freedom Antenna can be used in a car, home, office, boat, and even on a park bench.  This type of cell phone antenna has the ground plane built in and so does not require mounting on a metal surface.  All home/office antennas have a built in ground plane so they can be used anywhere you can mount them.

    Vehicle antennas require mounting on or near a metal surface.  These antennas use the metal surface as a ground plane to bounce the signal.  Without the metal surface, these cell phone antennas will not provide any signal improvement.  Cell phone vehicle antennas come in a variety of mounting options including glass mount, magnet mount, mirror mount, trunk mount and permanent mount.

    Glass mount antennas mount to a window and pass the signal through.  These types of antennas are relatively easy to install but usually come with the cable and connector separate so the cable can easily be run under the carpet or inside the car panels.  As a result, terminating the end requires the correct tools or an installer.  These cell phone antennas also do not work well with a dark aftermarket tint on the window or on rear windows with defoggers.

    Magnet mount antennas attach to the car with a magnet on the base.  These magnets have a protective coating that keeps the base from scratching the cars surface.  Mag mount antennas are the easiest cell phone antenna to install as you just put it on your roof or trunk.  Because this type of antenna is so easy to install, it also is easy for others to remove so caution is advised.

    Trunk and Mirror Mount Antennas mount using a bracket that attaches to the trunk or mirror.  Trunk mount antennas do not have a built in ground plane as they use the trunk to bounce the signal.  Mirror mount antennas generally require a built in ground plane to bounce the signal.

    Permanent mount antennas require a hole to be drilled in the vehicle and the antenna mounted through the hole.  These types of cell phone antennas generally require the help of a professional installer.

    Marine cell phone antennas have a built in ground plane as the boats surface will not properly reflect the signal.

Please let us know if you have other questions regarding antennas or signal boosters.  We will be more than happy to help.


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