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UTStarcom Griffin Reserve Power Bank (2600 Mah) - Black

Griffin Reserve Power Bank (2600 Mah) - Black

Griffin Reserve Power Bank (2600 Mah) - Black Image 1 Griffin Reserve Power Bank (2600 Mah) - Black Image 2 Griffin Reserve Power Bank (2600 Mah) - Black Image 3

This product is guaranteed to be an authentic Griffin item.

UTStarcom Griffin Reserve Power Bank (2600 Mah) - Black Details:

Griffin’s Reserve Power Bank provides portable power for any utstarcom smartphone or tablet.

Product Features:

  • High-capacity, rechargeable power bank
  • Use with any smartphone, tablet, eReader, GPS, GoPro or otherUSB-chargeable device
  • LED charge gauge indicates battery capacity remaining
  • Recharge with any standard USB charger or computer using included micro-USB cable

  • Part Number: gc43399-UT
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Manufacturer: Griffin

    Compatible With:
    Audiovox GTX75, Casio C731 GzOne, Casio C741 GzOne Brigade, Casio C751 GzOne Ravine, Casio C771 GzOne Commando, Casio C791 GzOne, Casio GzOne C781 Ravine 2, Casio GzOne Rock, PCD CDM855, PCD CDM8975, PCD Pivot TXT8030, PCD PV300, PCD Razzle PCD8030, PCD Sidekick 2009, PCD SMT6175, PCD TXT8026, PCD TXTM8, PCD WP8990, PCD XV6175, UTStarcom Arc, UTStarcom Blitz, UTStarcom C211, UTStarcom C511, UTStarcom C7110RX, UTStarcom C711SL, UTStarcom C721 Exilim, UTStarcom CDM-105, UTStarcom CDM-120, UTStarcom CDM-1450, UTStarcom CDM-220, UTStarcom CDM-7000, UTStarcom CDM-7025, UTStarcom CDM7026, UTStarcom CDM-7075, UTStarcom CDM7076, UTStarcom CDM7126, UTStarcom CDM7176, UTStarcom CDM8074VM, UTStarcom CDM-8460, UTStarcom CDM-8625, UTStarcom CDM-8630 Coupe, UTStarcom CDM-8905, UTStarcom CDM-8932, UTStarcom CDM-8935 Mini, UTStarcom CDM-8945, UTStarcom CDM8950, UTStarcom CDM-8955, UTStarcom CDM8960, UTStarcom CDM8964, UTStarcom CDM8965, UTStarcom GzOne Boulder, UTStarcom GzOne Type-S, UTStarcom GzOne Type-S PTT, UTStarcom GzOne Type-V, UTStarcom HTC Apache, UTStarcom Knick, UTStarcom MP6900, UTStarcom MP6950, UTStarcom PC3320, UTStarcom PCS-1450, UTStarcom PN300, UTStarcom PPC5800, UTStarcom PPC6850, UTStarcom PV150, UTStarcom PV200, UTStarcom PV210, UTStarcom PV250, UTStarcom Quickfire, UTStarcom Rhapsody, UTStarcom Shuttle, UTStarcom Sidekick iD, UTStarcom Sidekick III, UTStarcom Sidekick LX, UTStarcom Sidekick Slide, UTStarcom Slice PCS-1400, UTStarcom Super Slice, UTStarcom TXT8010, UTStarcom TXT8020, UTStarcom UM150, UTStarcom Vogue, UTStarcom XV-6700, UTStarcom XV6850, UTStarcom XV6950, UTStarcomm PPC-6700

    This product is no longer available

    This product qualifies for Government, Education, Public Safety and Corporate Special Contract Pricing.

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