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Samsung Naztech Sport Holster - Black 9289

Naztech Sport Holster - Black  9289

This product is guaranteed to be an authentic Naztech item.

Samsung Naztech Sport Holster - Black 9289 Details:

Whether you're on the slopes, riding the trail, running at the gym or jogging to the coffee shop. The samsung Black Naztech Sport provides maximum protection for your samsung mobile phone, iPod, digital camera or MP3 player.

Sport easily fastens to your belt and includes a washable neoprene strap that attaches to your arm a convenient lanyard strap to suspend from your neck or utilize the provided clip you can attach just about anywhere.

The Black Sport enables you to always look as good as you feel. samsung Black Naztech Sport - On The Go.

Part Number: 9289nz-SA
Warranty: Lifetime
Manufacturer: Naztech

Compatible With:
Samsung A137, Samsung A237, Samsung A513, Samsung A523, Samsung A560, Samsung A580, Samsung A630, Samsung A736, Samsung A737, Samsung A747, Samsung A767, Samsung A777, Samsung A827, Samsung A837, Samsung A840, Samsung A850, Samsung A867, Samsung A880, SPH-A880, Samsung A900, Samsung A930, Samsung A940, Samsung A950, Samsung A970, Samsung A990, Samsung Access, Samsung Ace, Samsung Alias, Samsung Alias 2, Samsung Beat, Samsung Behold, Samsung Brightside SCH-U380, Samsung Convoy, Samsung Crunch, Samsung D347, Samsung D357, Samsung D407, Samsung D807, Samsung D820, Samsung DoubleTime i857, Samsung Drift, Samsung E630, Samsung Epix, Samsung Eternity, Samsung Factor, Samsung Fin, Samsung Finesse, Samsung Flight, Samsung Flipshot, Samsung G600, Samsung Galaxy S Prevail, Samsung Gleam, Samsung Glyde, Samsung Gravity, Samsung Heat, Samsung I325, Samsung I627, Samsung I760, Samsung i830, Samsung I907, Samsung Instinct, Samsung M220, Samsung M300, Samsung M320, Samsung M510, Samsung Memoir, Samsung MM-A900, Samsung MM-A920, Samsung Myshot, Samsung Mysto, Samsung Omnia, Samsung Propel, Samsung Propel Pro, Samsung R200, Samsung R210, Samsung R300, Samsung R410, Samsung R430, Samsung R550, Samsung R610, Samsung Renown, Samsung Repp SCH-R680, Samsung Rugby, Samsung Saga, Samsung SCH-A630, Samsung SCH-A645, Samsung SCH-A850, Samsung SCH-A870, Samsung SCH-A950, Samsung SCH-A970, Samsung SCH-I760, Samsung SCH-I770, Samsung SCH-I910, Samsung SCH-R200, Samsung SCH-R210, Samsung SCH-R211, Samsung SCH-R300, Samsung SCH-R400, Samsung SCH-R410, Samsung SCH-R430, Samsung SCH-R470, Samsung SCH-R500, Samsung SCH-R510, Samsung SCH-R550, Samsung SCH-R610, Samsung SCH-R810, Samsung SCH-U310, Samsung SCH-U340, Samsung SCH-U410, Samsung SCH-U420, Samsung SCH-U430, Samsung SCH-U520, Samsung SCH-U540, Samsung SCH-U550, Samsung SCH-U620, Samsung SCH-U640, Samsung SCH-U650, Samsung SCH-U700, Samsung SCH-U740, Samsung SCH-U750, Samsung SCH-U810, Samsung SCH-U900, Samsung SCH-U940, Samsung SGH-A117, Samsung SGH-A127, Samsung SGH-A137, Samsung SGH-A237, Samsung SGH-A437, Samsung SGH-A517, Samsung SGH-A687, Samsung SGH-A707, Samsung SGH-A717, Samsung SGH-A727, Samsung SGH-A736, Samsung SGH-A737, Samsung SGH-A747, Samsung SGH-A767, Samsung SGH-A777, Samsung SGH-A797, Samsung SGH-A827, Samsung SGH-A837, Samsung SGH-A867, Samsung SGH-C417, Samsung SGH-D900, Samsung SGH-E630, Samsung SGH-G600, Samsung SGH-I607, Samsung SGH-I627, Samsung SGH-I907, Samsung SGH-T119, Samsung SGH-T219, Samsung SGH-T229, Samsung SGH-T309, Samsung SGH-T329, Samsung SGH-T339, Samsung SGH-T409, Samsung SGH-T429, Samsung SGH-T439, Samsung SGH-T459, Samsung SGH-T509, Samsung SGH-T539, Samsung SGH-T639, Samsung SGH-T709, Samsung SGH-T729, Samsung SGH-T739, Samsung SGH-T819, Samsung SGH-T919, Samsung SGH-T929, Samsung SGH-X495, X495, Samsung SGH-X497, X497, Samsung SGH-X820, Samsung SGH-ZX20, Samsung SLM, Samsung Smiley (SGH-T359), Samsung SPEX, Samsung SPH-A110, Samsung SPH-A120, Samsung SPH-A513, Samsung SPH-A523, Samsung SPH-A560, Samsung SPH-A840, Samsung SPH-i300, Samsung SPH-I325, Samsung SPH-M220, Samsung SPH-M310, Samsung SPH-M320, Samsung SPH-M500, Samsung SPH-M520, Samsung SPH-M610, Samsung SPH-M620, Samsung SPH-M630, Samsung SPH-M800, Samsung SPH-N300, Samsung SPH-Z400, Samsung Strive, Samsung Sway, Samsung Sync, Samsung T309, Samsung T439, Samsung T509, Samsung T539, Samsung T609, Samsung T639, Samsung t809, Samsung T819, Samsung Trender SPH-M380, Samsung TwoStep, Samsung U310, Samsung U410, Samsung U420, Samsung U550, Samsung U650, Samsung U700, Samsung U900, Samsung U940, Samsung VI-A820, Samsung X507, Samsung zx10

This product is no longer available

This product qualifies for Government, Education, Public Safety and Corporate Special Contract Pricing.

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